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 About Mountain Woods

   When Mountain Woods Furniture founder and President, Tim Saltonstall, built his first piece of rustic log furniture in Laramie, Wyoming in 1973, there were only a handful of artisans in the business. Since then, over the years, with patience, innovation, and much hard work from dedicated craftsmen, Mountain Woods furniture has evolved into a leader in the rustic furniture industry, an industry that has become a viable alternative to more traditional and modern styles of furniture.

   There are over 200 diverse pieces in the Mountain Woods Furniture line, and much of what Mountain Woods does for people is customized. From beds to dressers, armoires to desks, hutches to sofas, rockers to barstools, you will find t hat Mountain Woods is able to meet all of your home furnishing needs. The furniture is hand finished with beeswax and linseed oil or water based urethane. Only the very best European hardware is used on drawers and doors. Dovetail drawers are the prevelant choice in dressers and other case good pieces, although in some applications, a rabbit or ship lap joint will be used.

   We strive to be an environmentally friendly company. Most of the wood used in furniture production at Mountain Woods' shop is selectively cut and is dead standing. Mountain Woods Furniture builds with woods that are native to the Rocky Mountains; these woods are primarily pine, spruce and aspen. At its 6 acre site on the plains of Wyoming, the wood is peeled, sanded, and milled before it is picked by an individual craftsman who works on one piece all the way through, giving much attention to detail, structure, and looks. What little waste there is in the whole process is used to heat the shop in winter and hauled off by locals to heat their homes.

   Mountain Woods has won several awards for its designs, was featured artist in the Museum of Art and Humanities in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and has been nominated as a Business of the Year. The company continues to develop itself, but never strays from its foremost goal of building the best rustic furniture and offering the best service to its customers.

Here are a few comments from satisfied customers:

" We Shopped long and hard for our log furniture and once we were finished looking at the choices out there, Mountain Woods was the obvious company to go with. Their variety, turnaround time, and mostly, their craftsmanship and attention to detail were far superior to any other furniture we saw. We love our peices."

Donna and Joe Block

" I had never been in such a nice store before. Mountain Woods builds such beautifull things. And the way the drawers work! So smooth! I love the bedroom set I bought from Mountain Woods."

Eve Smithson

" The service and wokmanship are the highest grade. We saw this immediately. We furnished our whole house and are enjoying every peice in every room. It's like art, only functional. We love it. Thanks!"

Rob and Shirly Ellsworth

"A thing of beauty is a joy forever."

John Keats